The effect of the contrary to a castration

Frustrated Arab’s Diary,%2B30%2B2009.jpg
the sincere majority has no GUCCI
 The GUCCI revolution
of the  minority.
“Blood” but  without a wound !!
(or the actress without a GUCCI)

Today the 11Th. of February
we commemorate two historical events

It is twenty years since Nelson Mandela was released
its is thirty years since that the people of Iran were released

The difference lies basically in the fact that
Nelson was ” castrated “ before his release
while the people of Iran experienced
the effect of the contrary to a castration

Another difference between
those two welcomed events
is that after the success in South Africa
the new government took a moderate-course
while in Iran it went “Revolutionary”

I watched today on my TV
the celebrations in South Africa
where black people were happy with their black power
while in Tehran ,
only  a minority was not celebrating
and all were wearing black-glasses
either not to be recognised
or simply to show us that they are dressed
or by Calvin Klein or  Ted Lapidus
or Yves Saint Laurent.

But the common factor remains present
at the Mandela supporters
who are all poorly dressed
exactly as the masses of Tehran

who cannot afford GUCCI.

Of course the Western Media
shall be of another opinion than mine….
never mind !!
they are not paying my salary !!

Sherlock Hommos
trend analyser

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