The Taming of Islam

It seems true that while Islam as a religion is expanding and becoming larger and more spread, its role and influence are being compromised by its relations with imperialist forces and its involvement in merciless crimes and atrocious behavior whether in Libya or -now – in Syria . Thus the “religion of Islam” has- in falling under western influences – parted with the true message and values to serve its coexistence with the colonialist west .

“Islam” is being used to subjugate peoples and to make possible for the usurpers to usurp the resources and land of Muslim people and is being used to create havoc and social unrest and internal wars .

This is the challenge that is confronting Islam and exposing the religion world wide which is in the first place an attack on real Islam and Muslims people. Islam is under attack- for sure- and for this the world Order has mobilized thugs who kill and slaughter in the name of the religion .

If this proves anything it proves that true Islam is the real enemy to the powerful western states . Islam- like that of Erdogan- is a friend to the world order because it recognizes Israel and normalizes with it; and the same goes for many Gulf states who have completely surrendered to the will of their masters of the western world .

The Arab spring has brought to power the Muslim forces belonging to a certain sect to fight with it the other sect . If Islam is targeted , it is not any Islam . It is the Islam of the Resistance, the Islam that has defeated Israel and turned Iran in to an independent strong country in spite of the world order. This is the Islam that is intended. . We need the quality of Islam and not the quantity . Iran has proved to be up the challenge and has become a fully equipped country capable of defending itself and of also promoting Muslim and Arab causes tirelessly . It has raised high the banner of committed Islam whereas the other Muslim forces – brought to power by the Arab springs- are exposing Islam rather than promoting it ; they are promoting normalization with Israel instead and have developed strong ties with USA while keeping Gaza under siege .

The Palestinians who –like HAMAS- are supposed to be the father of the child- not only have relinquished the struggle and turned to negotiations with the enemy, but are fighting the resisting forces on the ground like in Syria.. .What kind of Islam is this that normalizes and recognizes Israel? Is this Islam at all ? Now that the hajj to the Holy shrine in Mekka is drawing near, we will see millions flocking to perform the ritual from the four sides to Mekka while the first Qibla is under occupation .

Muslims need to connect to real Islam to be educated to the reality of their religion ; there is no avail to turning their religion into something that suits their personal ambitions and the ambitions of the usurpers of this world.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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